oslo fjord ww2

We spent a few days in Tonsberg, visiting with several of my cousins, who took us on their boat on the Oslo Fjord. Norwegian and Swedish defence mine sweepers blew up five unexploded World War II-era mines outside Nesodden in the Oslofjord on Wednesday. Norway was invaded early during World War II by the Germans. German battleship sunk by Norwegian coastal defence in April 1940 in the Oslo fjord. The Sognefjord and Hardanger Fjord were breathtaking! Answering: When was the S.S. Blucher in WWII in Oslofjord? As in other parts of occupied Europe, the Nazis committed atrocities in Norway. Two shells from the 19th century guns Moses and Aron damaged the ship's steering. There is a coffee shop for a break, and perhaps emotional recovery. The building that housed the Gestapo in Oslo during WW2 still stands today . The mines date back to World War II. WW2 British bomber found 72 years after it crashed in Norwegian Fjord THE wreck of a British Second World War bomber that crashed on a mission to … The well-manicured gardens are inviting and offer lovely views of Oslo Fjord. Well, if you are referring to the German cruiser Blucher, it’s still there. Gestapo Building Oslo This is a massive amount to read but interesting accounts non the less from airmen involved in the two raids. The 210 m long ship carried 1600 crewmen and 800 soldiers. Here is the view of the Oslo Fjord entrance from the Oskarsborg Fortress guns. It’s estimated more than 1,000 sea mines remain in the waterway. A2 was captured by Germans in Oslo-fjord (Bulerne island) on 9 march 1940, sold for scrap. On the 28 th December 1944, we were one of four crews briefed to carry out a raid on Horton Harbour in the Oslo Fjord where our mission was to find and sink two German light cruisers - the Koln and the Emdon, which were known to be sheltering in the Oslo Fjord at anchorage just offshore from the small town of Horten. You can see a ship coming into the Fjord, so you have a perspective of how they saw the Blücher and the other ships coming that morning . Specifications. The German task group with shortest distance to travel was led by the heavy cruiser Blucher up the Oslofjord to the Norwegian capital Oslo. A3 and A4 were scuttled by their crews on the 15 april 1940 in Tönsberg-fjord. There are more than 1,550 of them in Oslo Fjord. On April 9, 1940, German troops invaded the country and quickly occupied Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Narvik. The Commander of the Fortress was uncertain whether the ships he faced were English or German. The Oscarborg fortress lay on an island in the middle of the Fjord and proved to be a deadly obstacle. The Norwegian government rejected the German ultimatum regarding immediate capitulation. Oslo Fjord – Norway 28 th December 1944. They served for the whole interwar and in 1940 they were outclassed but still cane provide some costal defense. The sinking gave the Norwegian government precious time to prepare before the invasion. Now a view of the Droback Sundet entrance from the guns hill position. Then she was sunk by torpedoes. and this is a terrific film about the mosquito raids youtu.be/G31MCPp-azY. We took the “Norway in Nutshell” tour in 2014, beginning in Oslo and travelling by train and steamer ship to Bergen and back to Oslo. Norway - Norway - World War II: With the outbreak of hostilities in 1939, Norway again declared itself neutral.

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